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Start processing your urine samples with fast screening by the UC-3500, using test strips that include both creatinine and microalbumin tests. Based on the results of the test strip, the data manager U-WAM decides by rule settings which samples need to undergo sediment analysis.

This happens fully automatically. With up to 27 parameters, particle analysis by the UF is very comprehensive, covering all pathological particle types and differentiating the relevant ones. If more investigation of certain particles is requested, you can perform manual sediment for those samples or opt for a UD-10, fully automating your urinalysis right through.


  • Connect 2 units or 3 units in one fully automated line
  • Based on your workflow or workload to upgrade your urine track from one UF to a UN-3000, from urine chemistry to urine morphology
  • You may also consider to upgrade your UN-3000 to UN-9000.

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