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UF-5000 / UF-4000

The UF-5000/UF-4000, based on Sysmex’s globally renowned fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC) technology, represents the latest in urinalysis technology. It can operate as an independent analyser, or as part of the modular UN-Series for a truly walkaway, seamless urinalysis work flow solution from sample loading to the final digital image. Load and leave.

Greater diagnostic significance


  • Fluorescence flow cytometry with blue semiconductor laser and hydrodynamic focussing
  • Modular concept for a fully automated urinalysis workflow
  • UTI information and bacteria differentiation in less than a minute
  • Body fluid mode always on board
  • Blue laser for better differentiation of particles
  • Up to 27 parameters for urine samples and 9 parameters for body fluid samples

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