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Within the UN-Series, the UD-10 closes the total urinalysis workflow by capturing the particle images in urine samples. With its stage scanning technology, you confirm abnormal results from previous chemical and sediment analysis in a fully automated device.

Particles can be classified into eight different classes based on the size of particles. The images provide a detailed view of urine particles without performing a manual sediment or microscopy; the entire workflow can be processed automatically.

Particle images from the UD-10 help by differentiating abnormal or unclear results. Through individual rule settings with the Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System (U-WAM), you can modify workflows to meet your needs.


  • Complete analysis of urine in combination with the UF-5000/4000
  • Fully automated digital imaging
  • Gives a detailed view of urine particles
  • Particles can be classified into 8 different classes based on size

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