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The new UC-3500 is a fully automated urine chemistry analyser that offers particularly high clinical value.

Urine sample material is dropped onto each pad of a dedicated test strip within the analyser. The entire sequence, starting from sample aspiration, to colour comparison and final output of the results is fully automatic. In addition to the five system parameters, the 11 test strip parameters include microalbumin and creatinin.

Thanks to the new CMOS sensor, the device effortlessly distinguishes abnormal colours between RBCs and haemoglobin. And thanks to the refractometry measurement method, it also offers accurate results in terms of specific gravity and cloudiness.

The analyser is also fast, capable of processing 276 samples per hour.


  • Colour CMOS sensor image technology
  • Fast and highly accurate measurement
  • Distinguishes red blood cells and free haemoglobin
  • Two different types of test strips available
  • Microalbumin and creatinine test together on one strip

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