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High productivity and floorstand hemostasis analysers that are expandable to suit for different workflow needs. Laboratories with high workloads can decide on an optional 120 sample loader.


  • Multi-wavelength detector for transmitted light at 340, 405, 575, 660 and 800 nm
  • 26 channels for clotting, chromogenic and immunoassays (8 of these channels are also be used for platelet aggregation assays)
  • Continuous loading of maximum 5 racks of 6 tubes each with standard sampler or 20 racks of 6 tubes each with optional sampler, cap-piercing functionality and 1 dedicated STAT position
  • Up to 60 parameters can be analyzed simultaneously
  • Hourly throughput up to 450 PT per hour or 401 PT/APTT per hou

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