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The XN-9100 haematology systemisation series is an integrated system modules consisting of cell counter (XN-series), slide maker stainer (SP-50), digital morphology (DI-60) and tube sorting (TS-10) system. It can fit for any high workload laboratories with different operational needs regardless of size, complexity and specialty. Equipped with cutting-edge functionalities, advanced software algorithm and onboard rules allow for an accurate and efficient analysis of patient samples without compromising turnaround times (TAT).

The modularity concept allows new modules to be easily added to an existing configuration to meet the increasing workload of the laboratory. The flexible layout and small footprint caters for high workload lab with limited work area.


  • Connected up to 9 units of XN, SP-50, DI-60 and TS-10
  • Loading yard can accommodate up to 250 samples
  • TS-10 can sort up to 1000 tubes per hours
  • Online digital morphology with remote review function

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