Platelet Aggregation

Title: Overview of platelet aggregation analysis - performed on the Sysmex CS-Series haemostasis analysers in support of the assessment and therapeutic monitoring of platelet function Author: Kaneo Satoh, Ph.D., Faculty of Medicine, Inter-disciplinary Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering University of Yamanashi (Department of Clinical Laboratory, University of Yamanashi Hospital) Summary: This booklet introduced the platelet aggregation testing by the transmitted light detection method, which is widely used as a gold standard for assessing platelet function. It also provided information of pre-analytical variables, procedure of blook collection, sample preparation , keep points for platelet rich plasma, procedures in measurement of platelet aggregation on CS-series, evaluation and reporting of results and centrifugation conditions.

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Title: Mechanism of Immunothrombosis Induced by COVID-19 Supervising editor: Yukio Ozaki, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Fuefuki Central Hospital (Honorary Professor of Yamanashi Medical University) Produced and published by Scientific Affairs of Sysmex Corporation Description: A3 size poster showing the mechanism of immunothrombosis induced by COVID-19. Viral infection Immunothrombosis A Inflammation Immunothrombosis B

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Hepatitis B

Title: Up-to-Date: The Facts of Clinical Practice for Hepatitis B -- In the Era for Clearance of Hbs Antigens Summary: This booklet reviewed many key facts for hepatitis B. We invited more than 10 authors to give us some up-to-date information in 8 chapters, which included: Chapter 1: Preface - History of Hepatits B Research and HBs Antigen by Eiji Tanaka, Second Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Shinshu University Chapter 2: Basic Knowledge of Hepatitis B Virus for Clinical Practice by Yashhito Tanaka, Liver Disease Center, Pathological Medicine, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Nagoya City University Chapter 3: Pathological Diagnosis by Making the Best Use of HBV Markers by Akihiro Matsumoto, Clinical Center for Viral Hepatitis, Shinshu University Hospital Chapter 4: Recent Trends in HBV Infection and Its Prevention by Hiroshi Yatsuhashi, Clinical Research Center, National Hospital Organization  Nagasaki Medical Center Chapter 5: Treatment for Hepatitis B (1) Acute Hepatitis and Fluminant Hepatits by Chiaki Okuse and Hiroki Ikeda, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Internal Medicine, St. Marianna University School of Medicine Chapter 6: Treatment for Hepatitis B [...]

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BF Mode

Title: Making the Best of BF Mode Author: The study group for the Operation of the XN Series BF Mode included Kazuko Nagashima, Kazuho Uchida, Koji Hayashi, Kota Suzuki, Takamine Suzuki Summary:  To overcome the challenge in using XN to do the cell count and differentiation of body fluid samples, Sysmex and laboratory technicians jointly established a study group to evaluate the performance of BF mode. This book not only introduced the measuring principle of XN for body fluid, it also proposed some optimal operations for different types of body fluids.  

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Measurement principles of XN

Title: Measurement principles of XN-series analyzers made easy Author: Scientific Affairs, Sysmex Corporation Summary: XN-series multi-parameter automated hematology analyzers (XN-series) were launched by Sysmex as our flagship models in May 2011. This book introduced the details measurement principle and technology. It also shared some study results to verify the measurement principles. The content included: List of detection channels Measurement principles and technologies used in XN-series Description of technologies used for verification of the measurement principles

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Basic knowledge of urinalysis

Title: Basic Knowledge of Urinalysis Author: Scientific Affairs, Sysmex Corporation Summary: This book briefly introduced urinalysis and shared some cases study. Basics knowledge of urinalysis included Kidneys and urine formation Collection and storage of urine samples Urine volume and color Dipstick urinalysis - principles and displayed values, visual assessment, automated urine analyzer, details explanation of each parameters

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Proper Use of Antimicrobials

Title: Proper Use of Antimicrobials Supervisor: Norio Ohmagari, Director, Department of Infectious Disease; Director, AMR Clinical Reference Center; Director, Disease Control & Prevention Center; Director, International Healthcare Center, National Center of Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) Summary: This is booklet briefly shared some information related antimicrobials / Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Its content included: Context of the Fight against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) - a Global Social Issue Global Status of AMR - in Emerging Countries and in Developed Countries AMR in Society - Hospital-acquired infections , Social issue and how to delay the occurrence and prevent the spread What we can do to prevent AMR Testing for AMR Relationship between Antimicrobials and AMR Occurence Introduce of some common examples of AMR

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