Sysmex Gives Back Challenge

Implementing the Group-wide Unified Social Contribution Activity “Sysmex Gives Back Challenge” Every year since fiscal 2019, the Sysmex Group has been promoting social contribution activities with a sense of solidarity throughout the Group under its unified global theme of “Aim for a Healthier Society,” which is based on the Group’s Policy on Corporate Citizenship Activities and Philanthropy. From June to September, through the Group’s unified program “Sysmex Gives Back Challenge,” blood donation activities and environmental activities were carried out in line with World Blood Donor Day, held on June 14, and World Environment Day, held on June 5, and in addition, social contribution activities were also carried out to deal with COVID-19. In addition to conducting blood donation activities and clean-up activities in various countries and regions, the Group engaged in a wide range of social contribution activities, including initiatives to support needy families and children affected by the COVID-19 with approximately 2,700 employees taking part in the activities worldwide. Going forward, all of us, each and every member of the Group, will come together as one to promote [...]