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13 NOVEMBER 2020
Please registration as following link: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=bcL8yVdkoU2UFI0m5ch2Aiw23qqbxNxNosGiSHIXBHdUN0FWQzhFTjhET1E5TDBUR01SQkxFMzgyUS4u
Hello November!  Please kindly check our last updated as following: https://mailchi.mp/84adbf685252/sysmex-hk-nov-newsletter?e=1a06b65c80
5 OCTOBER 2020
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Wish you and your family a wonderful time admiring the moon and enjoying the mooncakes. Please kindly check our last update as follows https://mailchi.mp/ef987685fa7c/sysmex-hk-oct-newsletter
KEEPING UP WITH SYSMEX World Anti-Doping Agency Coordinates Global Implementation of Sysmex Analyzers at All Blood Laboratories Please kindly check our last update as follows https://mailchi.mp/9c13426a423a/sysmex-hk-september-newsletter?e=1a06b65c80    
3 AUGUST 2020
Hello August! Despite the surge of COVID-19, we strive to continue providing excellent products and services to you. Hong Kong team is working relentlessly to ensure that the reagent supply and the service support would not be affected by the current situation. In this issue, we would like to share some new product developments with you in hemostasis, hematology, and urinalysis. Please kindly check our last update as follows https://mailchi.mp/c7b0b20513ef/sysmex-hk-august-newsletter?e=f36fb190fc
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